Welcome to Jasimsaf Birmans my name is Debbie Pearson and I share my life with my husband Adam, and our children Bethany, Emily & Joshua, 6 beautiful Birmans and 2 rats in Thatcham, Berkshire.


I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse (although I am no longer in practice) and a member of the Birman Cat Club.


Our prefix ‘Jasimsaf’ is registered with the GCCF and combines the names Jasper, Simba and Sapphire. ┬áThese cats were never part of the breeding/showing programme but very much loved pets. ┬áSadly none of the cat’s remain from the name but Jasper, Simba & Sapphire will never be forgotten.


We have been breeding and showing birmans since 2005 and have kittens throughout the year to go to loving homes.